“Now is the time for you to access the courage within your heart 

to become the Man that you are destined to be.”

Can you feel it? 

This world is

Are you ready? 

If you can hear this call, it is time to face the shadows of your past self, and claim your birthright as a King.

Prepare to meet the challenges required for you to confidently claim your place as a Man.  

Together, you and I will connect you with the parts of yourself that you have neglected or left behind, and guide you into the courage to face your fears, and embrace your hidden shame. 

The question remains; 

Are you ready?

Masculinity coaching, temple coaching

Are you ready to take the Path of the King?

Using a foundation of Life Coaching, Embodiment Health Arts, Masculine/Feminine Polarity work, Tantra
as well as multiple other modalities, we will create a personalized journey for you into the depths of your being. 

It is no secret that this way is challenging. Perhaps the most challenging path any of us will ever take.

The irony is that, it is the path that we are all on, whether we are aware of it or not.
I invite you to choose to continue your journey with awareness and intention.


Men’s Coaching draws upon the present moment wisdom of your body. We will use techniques from multiple traditions to help you create connection with your body and its messages.

The feelings, sensations and intuitions you experience are all invaluable tools for us to leverage in this work. In fact, without this connection to your body’s wisdom, we will surely fail. 


You are the authority on your body, your mind, your health and your Self. This style of coaching will meet you where you are at, and honor the wisdom that your heart and mind bring to the coaching.

The goals, pace and depth of the coaching are always individualized to your personal path. You are invited to claim your place as the author of your experience. 


The Jungian Masculine Archetypes are the conceptual foundation of this coaching program. The King, Warrior, Magician and Lover will be our guides as we journey into the depths of your inner world.

The richness of Archetypal wisdom does not end with the Masculine Archetypes (Animus). The treasures held by the Shadow, the Persona, the Anima (inner feminine), and the Self are also ours to claim.

Who is Men's Coaching for?

The Men’s Coaching program has been designed for men of all ages who are ready to embody the fullness of their masculine essence. It’s for you if you want to bring the gifts of the mature masculine into your relationships, your life, your work, and the world.

Whether you are a young man stepping into your adult self for the first time, or you are a mature man who wants to explore the depths of your masculine presence, together we will journey along your personal path to the embodiment of your King Energy – The Divine Masculine.

The truth of the matter is that we all feel unworthy.  We’re all afraid of being abandoned.  We must stop trying to fulfill our need for safety, affirmation and validation from outside.  We must instead find security and support within ourselves.  Only then will be able to fully receive the gifts of others.  Only then will be able to live, confidently, as Men.

Am I eligible for the Mentoring Program?

All applicants for the 3 Month Mentoring program must submit an application and then complete an interview.  As the Mentoring Program requires a significant level of dedication, time, and effort, your eligibility is really up to you. 

The 12 Month Mentoring Program is for graduates of the 3 Month Coaching or Mentoring Programs only.  No exceptions.